"As we love ourselves, and nourish all aspects of ourselves, a rare compassion is nourished, a tender compassion for everyone and everything. We are filled with compassion. We forgive ourselves deeply. And we realize that everyone who ever wronged us was a healer, a teacher, a lover of ours. The heart bursts with compassion. The flood gates of love spill over.

Once we have filled ourselves with unconditional love, once we agree to love and nature all aspects of ourselves, we emit the energy of unconditional love. We don't do anything particular, yet the beings around us feel this love. Just by being, we resonate love and health/wholeness/holiness. 

Some are attracted, some repelled by this vibration of truth, beauty, and love. There is no attachment in us winning this one or that one, healing this one with love, being adored by that one. No attachment to getting you to accept my love so that I can expect love from you. Right now I love myself, and the universe loves me, and I am in the midst of all this love. If you reject my love, I remember. I remember with compassion the love I rejected before. I remember how vulnerable, how lonely I felt. I love myself as one who has rejected love, and so my love includes you in your rejection of love. 

The welling heartsprings themselves are nourished at their sources when we love ourselves unconditionally. This constant inner flow of unconditional love and compassion for self creates an axis in the chaos of ongoing life and unwinding death. An axis, a string, a resonant fiber, vibrating wholeness, humming a love song, sounds within you. It flows out from you and touches, sounds in everything." -Susan Weed Healing Wise-