"What is healing? What is healing? Prior to the advent of Hippocratic medicine, healing always involved a symbolic regression to the moment of conception or to the moment of creation of the universe, or both. From that point, the stricken client would connect with a larger power such as Primary Respiration that reordered her relationship with the divine, the human, and natural worlds. This was called theurgic medicine. Disease, then, was a lack of relationship or a midline, a state of chaos, where the client lost the essential placement or order of the universe in the life of his body and mind. Disease was seen to occur not only on an individual level, but was also connected to the group or community and finally the spiritual. The cultural healer frequently lived on the literal edge of the village, close to spirit and nature. The healer maintained direct communion with these big forces. He was capable of seeing and listening to them. This gave the healer the ability to carry the necessary prescriptions given to him by the forces of heaven and earth to effect healing for the group and the individual.

Here is one key to healing: restoring order and right relationship. The ill client receives a prescribed ritual, a form of medicine in which she participates, for the restorative forces to begin incubating in her core. The purpose of this healing ritual is to initiate a rebirth of a direct connection to the divine...

The post-modern condition of the client, overloaded with work and traumatized from culture with its ceaseless demands for adaptive effectiveness, requires the same rites of regression performed at the slower pace and with a much softer container."

-Michael Shea, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Volume One-